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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases which have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 GA SDK.
Issue Description
1115696 SDK: When adding custom fields to entities, you cannot create custom fields that share the same name on two different entities.
1095697 SDK: The CustomFieldBuilder build method does not create a new Guid for each new custom entity.
1092937 SDK: When you query an entity such as a Cardholder, a general set of properties is returned, but no information is included in the entity's custom fields.
NOTE: This issue is due to deprecated properties not returned by the Web SDK. Obsoleted members have been added to keep backward compatibility, but an extra attribute has been added to deprecated members (Obsoleted=true) to warn users that the property should not be used anymore.
1067382 SDK: It is difficult to leverage the transaction rollback when using CustomFieldService due to lack of synchronous methods.
1029367 SDK: The current CustomEvents are managed and created through a collection that has scalability issues and should be refactored.
1029258 SDK: For an EntityConfigurationQuery, adding an EntityTypeFilter on EntityType.Role with a subtype does not return any results.
1023429 SDK: When a user with insufficient privileges attempts to perform an action, a SecurityException is thrown. Instead, a PrivilegeValidationException should be thrown.
973898 SDK: If you do not select a date in Date Time Range, there is no way to indicate whether or not there is a specified start time and specified end time.
950710 SDK: The Motion* events and the Access* events cannot be raised from the SDK.
930258 SDK: When you manually trigger an AlarmTriggerdEvent from the SDK, the event is invalid because the ID is always 0.