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Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.7 SR1

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center 5.7 SR1 SDK:
Protect video from multiple cameras
You can now simultaneously protect video files from multiple cameras. Using the new AddVideoProtection and RemoveVideoProtection public methods, you can send actions to apply or remove video protection to a list of cameras.
Audio streaming in the Mobile app
The SDK now supports bidirectional audio streaming from cameras in the Mobile app.
Block field of view in map entities
The SDK now exposes Shape Map Objects which define whether or not a shape blocks the field of view. New BlockFieldOfView, BlockFieldOfViewUsingAltitude, and Altitude properties can now be accessed by the following classes implementing the IShapeMapObject interface:
  • AreaMapObject
  • EllipseMapObject
  • LineMapObject
  • PolygonMapObject
  • RectangleMapObject

Config Tool users can now also select their preferred measurement unit, which is now accessible from the User entity:

  • DefaultMeasurementSystem

The following enumeration has been added, which has Imperial and Metric values:

  • MeasurementSystemType
Retrieve the values from a custom credential format in a credential
Using the following new attributes, you can retrieve the values from a custom credential format.
  • public IEnumerable<string> UnfixedFields
  • public IDictionary<string, string> Values
Grant temporary cardholder access from Security Desk
SDK users can now grant temporary access to cardholders, with a set validity period. To do so, you must first create a temporary access rule using the new CreateAccessRule method. Then using the StartTime and EndTime properties, you can set the activation and expiration times accordingly.
Create custom fields for custom entities
You can now create custom fields for specific custom entities using the new CustomEntityTypeId attribute in CustomField and ICustomFieldBuilder.
Set security for custom fields
Users and usergroups can be added and removed from a custom field's security users.

The following new attributes have been added:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService AddCustomFieldSecurity
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService AddCustomFieldSecurityAsync
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService GetCustomFieldSecurity
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService GetCustomFieldSecurityAsync
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService RemoveCustomFieldSecurity
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.CustomFields.CustomFieldService RemoveCustomFieldSecurityAsync
Set entities in maintenance mode
You can now enable maintenance mode for custom entities. When an entity is in maintenance mode, the health statistics for the entity are not affected by events in the system.
Retrieve localized strings based on the selected Security Center language
By providing Enum values to the new Resource Provider, you can now retrieve localized strings based on the Security Center language selection on the machine. This helps to reduce the need for SDK users to continually create their own resources. The SDK has added a new ResourceProvider class with the static method GetStringFromEnum.
NOTE: Not all Enums in the SDK have been translated. If the translation is not available yet, the Enum value is be returned by the Resource Provider.
Assign specific hotlists to Patrollers and LPR units, and specific permits to Patrollers
When you add a hotlist to a Patroller through the SDK, you can now choose whether the Patroller uses specific hotlists and permit lists, or whether it uses the hotlists and permit lists associated with its parent LPR Manager.

The following new attributes have been added:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.LprUnit SpecificHotlistAssociations
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.LprUnit SupportsHotlists
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.LprUnit AddSpecificHotlistAssociation
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.LprUnit RemoveSpecificHotlistAssociation
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller InheritsHotlistsFromRole
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller InheritsPermitsFromRole
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller SpecificHotlistAssociations
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller SpecificPermitAssociations
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller SupportsHotlists
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller SupportsPermits
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller AddSpecificHotlistAssociation
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller AddSpecificPermitAssociation
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller RemoveSpecificHotlistAssociation
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller RemoveSpecificPermitAssociation
Add or remove Patrollers from a partition
Patrollers can now be added and removed from partitions using the SDK.

The following new methods have been added to the Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Patroller class:

  • InsertIntoPartition: Adds the Patroller to a guid partition
  • RemoveFromPartition: Removes the Patroller from a guid partition
Enforce parking violations
You can now enforce a parking session that is in violation using the new TriggerEnforceViolationAction attribute.

The following new report attributes have also been added:

  • ParkingSessionQuery (all parking sessions within a parking zone)
  • ParkingSessionByIdQuery (specific parking session within a parking zone)