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Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.7 SR2

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Security Center 5.7 SR2
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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center 5.7 SR2 SDK:
Locate federated cameras
Using the new GeographicalLocation property, the SDK can now provide the latitude and longitude of federated and local cameras. This can be useful if, for example, the federation host at a company's head office needs to retrieve the location of cameras located in the company's regional offices.
NOTE: GeographicalLocation is a get-only property.
Set the occupancy for parking zones
Using the new SetParkingZoneOccupancy method in the ActionManager, you can now correct errors if the occupancy that is reported for a parking zone does not match the number of cars that are physically parked in the parking zone.
Visitor escort

Using the new attributes that have been added to the Visitor escort feature, you can now assign one or more escorts to a visitor and receive notification if the visitor generates events in a different location from the escorting cardholder.

The following attributes have been added:

  • System Configuration
    • Int MaximumVisitorSingleEscort {get; set;}
  • Cardholder
    • Bool CanEscort {get; set;}
  • Visitor
    • Guid Escort2 {get;}
    • Void AssignEscorts( Guid escort1, Guid escort2)
  • EventType
    • MissingTailEscort
    • VisitorAstray
Limit occupancy

You can now limit the number of people that are permitted in an area at the same time. New events have been added which can enable an automated third-party system to control the maximum occupancy for an area.

The following events have been added:

  • AreaMaxOccupancyReached
  • AreaMaxOccupancyExceeded
  • AreaBelowMaxOccupancy
  • DuressPinEntered
  • CardholderDuressPinEntered
Create not equal queries

Using the new CustomFieldFilter attribute, you can create queries to search for entities with values not equal to the value in the query. For example, to search for entities with values between 8.1 and 12.1, you could create the following query which returns the operation X > 8.1 and X < 12.1:

var query = new CustomFieldRange<double>(customfield.Guid, customfield.ValueType, 8.1, FieldRangeType.RANGETYPE_GREATER, 12.1, FieldRangeType.RANGETYPE_LOWER);
NOTE: The CusotmFieldFilter attribute is not compatible with custom fields with the type: images.

The following values are available for the CustomFieldFilter attribute:

  • Equal
  • LowerEqual
  • GreaterEqual
  • Different
  • Lower
  • Greater
  • Like
Request-mode credentials
You can now generate request-mode credentials using the Credential Builder which is available through the SDK Entity Manager.

The following new attributes have been added:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Engine EntityManager
  • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.EntityManager.IEntityManager GetCredentialBuilder
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Builders.ICredentialBuilder SetCardholder
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Builders.ICredentialBuilder SetCredentialRequest
  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Builders.ICredentialBuilder SetFormat
  • Genetec.Sdk.Credentials CardRequestCredentialFormat

The following attribute is now obsolete:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Credential RequestCredential