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Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.8 GA

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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.8 GA SDK.
Issue Description
2134918 SDK: When an new option is added to the SDK workspace, the title of the option is not displayed above the option settings.
2116973 SDK: A task that does not have a certificate can still be run. When this happens, the name of the task is not displayed in the Security Desk taskbar, but the content is still visible. In this case, there is no way to close the task or to access the Security Desk main content.
2093687 SDK: Cannot add a VideoUnit entity to a partition using the SDK.
2049428 SDK: When producing reports in WebSDK, the resulting JSON serialization is sometimes not formatted correctly.

For information on the new serialization used in Security Center 5.8 GA, refer to the Web SDK information.

2046099 SDK: An SDK user can still add a hierarchical child (entity or entity sub type) to a custom entity even if the entity does not supported the child. In this case, it is not possible to remove the child from the custom entity.
1953198 SDK: If an area has an active threat level, modifying the AccessPermissionLevel property resets the threat level.
1921983 SDK: When a macro is canceled in the middle of a transaction, the transaction remains pending which blocks subsequent transactions.
1921600 SDK: The IsActiveChanged event can currently be received after a Get Entity on the alarm. To be consistent with the rest of the SDK, the value related to the changed event should be read so that corresponding events can be received. Note that when a system is upgraded to Security Center 5.8, alarm entities that do not have the IsActive attribute set will no longer receive the ISActiveChanged event.
1871506 SDK: When adding a ScheduledPermit object in the SDK, the StartHour and EndHour values are not currently exposed.
1844798 SDK: Reports have a default QueryTimeout of 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes which is standard in Config Tool. This can result in a racing condition where the query is blocked.
1812893 Macro Compiler does not support C# 6.
1787952 NullReferenceExceptionUnable when trying to load plugin roles in Config Tool after the associated plugin has been uninstalled.
1748179 Engine.IsConnected returns true when using engine.LogOnAsync without a valid certificate.
1707364 SDK: When configuring an area, you cannot add, remove, or list custom entities.
1243631 There is no way of knowing when the value of NumericUpDown is invalid.