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Security Center SDK Release Notes 5.8 GA

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center 5.8 GA SDK:
Door templates
Door templates are now available in the SDK. These new templates help the integrator to automate the process of setting up new doors using pre-define configurations.

The following entities have been added:

  • Interface module device definitions: These entities are automatically created and represent standard hardware configurations.
  • Door templates: Users can create their own door templates or use the default templates.
Antipassback and occupancy configuration
Additional access control attributes related to antipassback and occupancy are now available in the SDK.

The following properties can now be configured on Area entities:

  • Access control support
  • Antipassback status (configurable by setting the Antipassback “Type”)
  • Antipassback schedule
  • Antipassback type
  • Antipassback presence timeout
  • Antipassback strict
  • Max occupancy status (configurable by setting the Max occupancy “Type”)
  • Max occupancy type
  • Max occupancy limit
Unlock perimeter doors
Using the new UnlockAllPerimeterDoor method, you can now grant cardholders the ability to unlock all of the perimeter doors in an area.
Double-swipe events
The SDK now supports new events related to double-swiping of credentials.

The following new attributes have been added:

  • DoorDoubleBadgeOn and DoorDoubleBadgeOff: Double-swipe event on doors
  • CardholderDoubleBadgeOn and CardholderDoubleBadgeOff: Double-swipe event on cardholders
  • CredentialDoubleBadgeOn and CredentialDoubleBadgeOff: Double-swipe event on credentials
Improved in/out access rules
SDK users can now configure access rules for each side of a door.
The following new attributes have been added:
  • AddAccessRule
  • FetchAccessRulesForSide
Improved ACaaS unit enrollment
The unit enrollment information requests for ACaaS roles are now available in the SDK. This lets you to send requests to the Access Manager and receive responses with the requested information.

The following new attributes have been added:

  • AccessManagerRole
    • IsACaaSEnabled: Allows the SDK users to validate if a given Access Manager role is ready for ACaaS
    • SendUnitActivationRequest: Sends the unit activation request and receives the corresponding response
  • GetUnitActivationInfoRequest: Class used to send an activation information request to a ACaaS role
  • GetUnitActivationInfoReponse: Class used to receive the activation information results from a ACaaS role
Raw credential format for DESFire and PIV / CIV
The SDK now includes new card credential format classes as well as a new fallback format that can be used if a card has an unknown format.

The following format classes have been added:

  • CardCredentialFormat: An abstract class defining the basic properties and methods of a card credential format. The new card formats derive from this class.
    • RawCardCredentialFormat: This format takes RawData as a string and a BitLength. This card credential format is used as a fallback format to represent any card type that does not already have a defined format.
    • FascN75BitCardCredentialFormat: This class represents the Fasc75Bit card credential format.
    • FascN200BitCardCredentialFormat: This class represents the Fasc200Bit card credential format.
  • FormatFields: This class defines the format of the field, for example, order, name, and value representation.
AutoVu™ Free-Flow parking events
The SDK now gives access to parking session events and their respective properties.

The following events have been added:

  • ParkingZoneEvent
    • ParkingSessionEvent
      • SessionStarted
        • SessionStartedByUnknownVehicleExit
        • SessionStartedByVehicleEntered
      • ConvenienceTimeStarted
      • GracePeriodStarted
        • GracePeriodStartedByConvenienceTimeExpired
        • GracePeriodStartedByPaidTimeInvalid
      • ValidatingPaidTime
        • ValidatingPaidTimeByConvenienceTimeExpired
        • ValidatingPaidTimeByPaidTimeExpired
      • PaidTimeStarted
        • PaidTimeStartedByPaidTimeValid
        • PaidTimeStartedByValidationError
      • ViolationDetected
        • ViolationDetectedByConvenienceTimeExpired
        • ViolationDetectedByGracePeriodExpired
        • ViolationDetectedByPaidTimeInvalid
      • ViolationEnforced
      • SessionCompleted
        • SessionCompletedByInventoryReset
        • SessionCompletedByMaxSessionTimeExceeded
        • SessionCompletedByVehicleExited
        • SessionCompletedByVehicleReentered
        • SessionCompletedByUnknownVehicle
Parking zone events and reports
The SDK now supports new events and reports related to parking zones.

The following events have been added:

  • Class : ParkingZoneCapacityThresholdEventArgs
  • Class : ParkingZoneInventoryResetEventArgs

The following reports have been added:

  • Enum : ReportType.ParkingZoneActivity
    • Class : ParkingZoneActivityQuery
    • Class : ParkingZonePlateFilterQuery
    • Class : ParkingZoneEntityFilterQuery
  • Interface : IParkingZoneEventFilterQuery
  • Interface : IParkingZoneEntityFilterQuery
New map controls
The MapControl function now includes attributes which allow you to display the zoom, home, and smart click buttons on the map.

The following attributes have been added to support this functionality:

  • IsZoomControlVisible
  • IsPresetsControlVisible
  • IsNavigationControlVisible
  • IsSmartControlVisible
Custom map panels
Using the new MapPanel component, you can now create custom panels in the Maps task. The components are created using the new MapPanelBuilder.

The following new properties are available:

  • Dock position
  • Is floating
  • Map control
Select entity position
From the SDK workspace, you can now select an entity's geocoordinates.
Set entity tile in MapService
A new method called LocateEntityOnMapIntoSpecificTile has been added to the MapService. When using the Locate on map feature, this lets you display a door entity's map location on as specific tile.
Custom dashboard widgets
Using the new DashboardWidget component, you can now create custom dashboard widgets to add to your dashboard task. The component is created using the new DashboardWidgetBuilder and with the new class DashboardWidgetCategories, you can add your custom widget to the predefined Security Desk dashboard categories.
Additional media export license options
The following features now require the SDK extended license option. They are no longer accessible with the standard license:
  • AddTransferCookiesToMonitor
  • AddTransferGroupsToMonitor
  • CreateBackupTask
  • CreateRestoreTask
  • CreateDuplicationTask
  • DonateArchiveAsync
  • GetAllBackupTasks
  • GetAllDuplicationTasks
  • GetBackupTask
  • GetRestoreTask
  • GetDuplicationTask
  • RemoveTransferGroupsToMonitor
Charts user control
Chart controls have been added to the Sdk.Controls assembly. This lets users display charts in a fully customized Security Desk page with data coming from a third party system.

The new ChartType entity lets you display charts in bar, line, doughnut, stacked column, pie, row, or stacked row format.

NOTE: If your chart includes large amounts of information, enabling Performance mode changes the graphic to a flat image with no animations.

Web browser control
A new WebBrowser has been added to Genetec.SDK.Controls.

The following features are now available to the SDK user:

  • Web browser type: Choose between Internet Explorer and Chrome (using Chromium).
  • Evaluate Script Async / Execute script: Trigger javascript code in the web browser.
Send email enhancements
You can now configure the subject and body fields of an email template using fields coming from an event-to-action.

The following class has been added:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Utilities.Email

The following action has been added:

  • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.ActionManager.SendEmail
Improved login manager
The login for SDK users is now handled by a new login manager. You can now use the LoginManager instead of directly accessing the current login engine. Calls from the login engine are still accessible.
Event-to-action event type attribute
When configuring an event-to-action in the SDK, you can now access the EventType attribute that is associated with an EventToAction.
Improved video unit enrollment
Video enrollment has been enhanced with new features and capabilities, and with support for additional products.
  • An AddUnitResponse is now returned before the unit enroll command is sent. This informs you if any information is missing in the request.
  • The following new classes have been added:
    • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.UnitManager.AddUnitResponse
    • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.UnitManager.Error
    • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.UnitManager.MissingInformation
  • The following member has been removed:
    • Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.LoadManufacturersAndProductsAsync
Enhanced Archiver statistics
Using the new attribute ArchiverStatisticsQuery, the Archiver statistics report task, which is already available in the SDK, is now exposed as a query.