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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in the Security Center SDK:
Issue Description
2237404 SDK: Unable to create a custom entity if the creation privilege is granted through a partition exception.
2229870 SDK: Removing the dispatcher object from map objects breaks backward compatibility. Genetec.Sdk.Entities.Maps.TextBlockMapObject.TextDecorations is now obsolete and no longer has any effect. To underline the text, use FontIsUnderline instead.
2229711 SDK: QueryCompleted results are sometimes returned before the single page query results. The order of the returns is random.
2228570 SDK: Unable to set GeographicalLocation on camera and video unit entities.
2226936 Sample video files fail to play after installing the Security Center 5.8 GA SDK package and the 5.8 GA SDK samples.
2211956 SDK: Calling GetEntity on a map based on a custom map provider throws an exception.
2211437 SDK: Changing Genetec.Workspace.Options.ModifiedEventsArgs from public to private breaks backward compatibility.
2207650 SDK: ActivityTrailsQuery.ImpactedEntities and AuditTrailsQuery.ImpactedEntities not backward compatible after changing the return type.
2204066 SDK: Unable to clear PTZ camera presets using PtzCommandType.ClearPreset.
2198456 SDK: Media Player is unable to access NotEnoughBandwidth status due to missing error message.
2172089 SDK: Default credential formats returned by the SystemConfiguration entity are returned as custom credential formats.
2121661 The Rotation property (formerly known as Angle) is not updated in SDK map objects.
2048657 SDK: Unable to create or get event-to-actions with a custom event ID.