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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center SDK.

Issue Description
2298364 SDK: The 'Equals' operator is missing in StringSearchMode.
2294693 SDK: Users are not getting the correct status after a change to the cardholder status.
2288248 SDK: Users are unable to see the config page added to cameras.
2283557 SDK: Zone activity report does not return any results.
2281242 Web SDK: When you listen to Alarm triggered or Alarm acknowledged events, you sometimes get duplicate events.
Workaround: To avoid receiving duplicate events, disable AlarmMonitoring. For more information, see the WebSdkStudio sample in the Sdk-Samples-Standard.
2267645 SDK: Users are unable to create an event of type CardholderDuressPinEntered.
2244001 Web SDK: Adding AttachedEntities to an alarm does nothing.
Workaround: Use the following syntax: [query...],AttachedEntities={guid1,guid2,guid3,...}
2236882 SDK: VideoCompressions generates an XmlSerialization exception when the stream type is HEVC.
2207244 Web SDK: Dictionary use requires a Dictionary{{1,2},{3,4}} collection initializer syntax.