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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center SDK.

Issue Description
2415014 No method is available to add or remove an existing network as a sub-network through the SDK.
2413558 The property name returned on Credential is not descriptive enough to help differentiate between credential formats.
2375889 Cannot add nor remove cameras from existing DuplicationTasks.
2368890 WebSDK returns no result when a partial result is expected.
2364331 WebSDK methods do not support arrays or lists of Booleans, preventing some queries to be used.
2353297 There is no validation for the maximum value of CustomEvent.Id.
2346914 There is no SDK wrapper for the Route entity.
2345612 Unable to update the Latitude and Longitude of any shape map objects.
2345106 Calling get_TimelineEvents() sometimes return null references when there are many events in the timeline.