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When planning for Security Center Web Client 5.10, consider how many different users will connect to the same Web Client URL at the same time. Knowing how many users and approximately how much traffic they will generate will help you plan a deployment that ensures your users have the best possible experience in Web Client.

How many users can a Web Server serve?

As additional streams are requested simultaneously, more load is placed on the server. If the server becomes overloaded, users will notice that the Web Client pages are slow.

When planning how many Web Servers you need, figure out the maximum number of users that will log on at one time and the maximum amount of traffic expected during peak hours. Then choose the server hardware that will best manage that load.

The following table will give you an idea of how many users can view a single video stream in Web Client at the same time. The results are based on tests performed in our lab on a server that meets the recommended hardware configuration.

User activity Number of concurrent user connections Camera video quality setting
Monitoring one live MJPEG (640 x 480) video 60 H.264 (640 x 480), 15 fps @ 500 Kbps
Monitoring one live H.264 (640 x 480) video 100
Generating reports and managing cardholders only. 100 No cameras in system. Access Control only.

What is a user connection?

A user connection is any user account that logs on to Web Client. Even if 50 users log on using the exact same user account, that is 50 user connections.

How can I increase the number of concurrent user connections?

To add more users to your system, you can do any of the following:
  • deploy high-performance server hardware
  • reduce the video quality of cameras
  • add more Web Servers