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To ensure your system runs optimally, there are additional things to consider for server specifications in Security Center 5.9.

Note the following additional considerations for server specifications in Security Center 5.9.
  • When video streaming is not in multicast from the camera, the maximum throughput calculation must include camera streams being redirected by the Archiver.
  • Software motion detection can reduce the maximum capacity by as much as 50%. When enabling motion detection, use hardware motion detection to ensure maximum capacity.
  • Systems above 300 cameras or doors must isolate the Directory on a dedicated server.
  • A more powerful server than the recommended specification will not necessarily increase the maximum capacity.
  • A virtual machine with the exact same specifications as its physical counterpart has 20% less capacity.
  • A dedicated Network Interface Card (NIC) should be assigned per instance of the Archiver role or Access Manager role when using virtualization.
  • VMware ESXi must be installed on a clean computer; that is, no operating system is installed on the computer.
  • The Genetec™ Server service cannot be installed on the same machine as the domain controller.