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Security Center System Requirements Guide 5.9

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To ensure optimal performance, do not exceed the maximum number of camera streams supported by a Media Gateway in Security Center 5.9.

Media Gateway agents provide video streams to the Security Center Web Client, Genetec™ Mobile app, and external RTSP connections. The maximum number of camera streams supported by a dedicated Media Gateway server in Security Center 5.9 is as follows:

NOTE: The following benchmark shows the maximum number of Media Gateway camera streams on a server with the Recommended hardware profile.
H.264 format

Input resolution @ 15 fps


640 x 480

Full HD

1920 x 1080

Maximum streams without transcoding 350 150
Maximum streams with MJPEG transcoding 1001 401
Maximum stream with MJPEG transcoding + Nvidia P2000 GPU 130 54

1 Video watermarking requires extra processing of transcoded video frames. If watermarking is applied to all streams, the maximum number of Media Gateway camera streams is reduced by 30%.

Video stream transcoding is determined by the requesting application, as follows:

Requesting application Transcoded?
External RTSP connections Never
Genetec™ Mobile Always
Web Client Only in the following situations:
  • Requesting user has video watermarking enabled
  • Requesting user is streaming a PTZ camera and moving it (PTZ widget)
  • Browser does not support H.264 decoding through Media Source Extensions
  • Original stream is not H.264

When transcoding, output is resized to resolutions of 640x480 (VGA) or less, maintaining the aspect ratio.

Media Gateway impact on performance

Do not host Media Gateway on the same server as an Archiver. The Media Gateway role can use significant processing power. High CPU usage on the Archiver server can result in Archiving queue full situations that might lead to data loss.