Configuring occupancy management with Bosch units - Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3

Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3
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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management

By integrating Bosch units into Security Center using the Traffic Sensor Management plugin, you can monitor the occupancy of areas and configure alarms for capacity thresholds.


  1. In the Bosch IVA, create one or more Crossing line tasks, and record the task names.
    The Bosch IVS interface showing two lines configured to support people counting in Traffic Sensor Management.
  2. In Config Tool, for every Bosch camera, create a TSS entity and add zones for every Crossing line task.
  3. Create an instrumented area.
  4. Create an event-to-action with the instrumented area.
    NOTE: The Instrumented area occupancy state change event used in event-to-actions is triggered when the Maximum capacity or High occupancy threshold values are reached. However, graphs associated to the instrumented area only indicate that the event has occurred after one of these values are surpassed.