Configuring occupancy management with Hanwha cameras - Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3

Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3
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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management

By integrating Hanwha cameras into Security Center using the Traffic Sensor Management plugin, you can monitor the volume and occupancy of areas and configure alarms for capacity thresholds.


  1. In the Wisenet WebViewer page of the Hanwha camera settings, configure two lines to count the number of people in video captured by the camera.
    The Wisenet WebViewer page showing two lines and their directions corresponding to zones configured in Traffic Sensor Management.
  2. Create an area:
    1. In the Area view task, click a partition () or an area entity () you want to create the new area under.
    2. Click Add an entity (), and select Area.
    3. In the Entity name field, enter a name for the area, and click Create.
  3. For every Hanwha camera, create a TSS entity, and add inbound and outbound zones for every point of entry.
  4. Create an instrumented area used to calculate occupancy and add the zones associated with the Hanwha TSS entity.
    NOTE: This means you should set the instrumented area's Mode option to Cumulative, and add both inbound and outbound zones.
  5. In Config Tool, right click on the TSS entity and select Put online.
  6. In Security Desk, click Options and then click Events.
  7. Enable the People counting feature.
  8. From the Monitoring task in Security Desk, add six video tiles to display the count values for each zone for Direction IN and Direction OUT, the camera, and the instrumented area.