Configuring occupancy management with KiwiVision™ - Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3

Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3
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By integrating KiwiVision™ units into Security Center using the Traffic Sensor Management plugin, you can monitor the occupancy of areas and configure alarms for capacity thresholds.


  1. For every KiwiVision™ unit, create a TSS entity, and add inbound and outbound zones for every point of entry.
  2. Create an instrumented area used to calculate occupancy.
  3. Create an event-to-action with the instrumented area.
    NOTE: The Instrumented area occupancy state change event used in event-to-actions is triggered when the Maximum capacity or High occupancy threshold values are reached. However, graphs associated to the instrumented area only indicate that the event has occurred after one of these values are surpassed.
  4. Create a map for the area using an image file. For more information, seeCreating maps from image files.
  5. Add the TSS entities, zones, and the instrumented area to the map. For more information, see Adding map objects to your maps.


Your instrumented area map should look like this:

After you finish

Using the Instrumented area status history report, you can monitor the occupancy of the instrumented area and the occupancy status in time.
You can also create a dashboard in Security Desk to monitor the instrumented area: