Creating a TSS corridor - Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3

Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3
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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management

You can use a TSS corridor to regroup TSS zones and make it easier to manage multiple lanes at the same time.

Before you begin

  • Install sensors at all points of ingress and egress of the physical zone.
  • Create a TSS entity and its zones for each sensor.

What you should know

A TSS corridor is a TSS entity used for managing video analytics alerts along a road corridor. By regrouping TSS zones with the same lane ID in a TSS corridor and setting the sensors in order of direction, you can change the status of all the corridor’s entities or temporarily enable or disable video analytics alerts, based on a schedule or operator input.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. 2 Click Add an entity ( ), select TSS Corridor, and enter a Name.
    Tip: For better search indexing, it is a best practice to include identification of the start and end of the corridor, such as mile markers
  3. Click the Properties tab and set the following values:
    • Analytics schedule: (Optional) Select a schedule to apply to the TSS corridor.
  4. In the TSS Units pane, add each TSS entity in order by clicking .
  5. Click Apply ( ).