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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management

The following issues are resolved in Traffic Sensor Management plugin 2.3.

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Issue Description
2162090 TSS entities do not initialize correctly.
2178070 TSS devices are added, but do not exist in the plugin database.
2178073 The TSS persistence layer does not always return all the TSS GUIDs stored in the database.
2179979 Sensys TSS entities should regroup their polls to decrease the load on the Sensys server.
2184627 The analytics confirmation manager should confirm the analytics if no macro is successfully called.
2188369 The analytics confirmation macro does not receive the zone ID.
2189736 You cannot select an LPR TSS entity hosted on a federated server from the configuration page of an ALPR TSS entity hosted on the head end.
2189737 The TSS zone history report is not receiving data from federated devices.
2189754 The Unknown status filter in the TSS zone history report should be off by default.
2195864 The data for each Sensys TSS zone group should only be requested one time, even if different zones share the same name.
2215317 CitiLog analytics events with an end time are not being passed to downstream users.
2215318 Incorrect period and timeout lifesignal values are sent to downstream users.
2216144 Messages and responses from downstream users should be passed to CitiLog.
2223477 The TSS SDK exposes common TSS internal types.
2226881 Incomplete CitiAnswers are sent to CitiLog users.
2228754 CitiAnswer is not sent to CitiLog users.
2256368 CitiLog alarm end messages are sent out of order.
2295277 Editing a Genetec™ TSS entity after the sensor ID is set causes the sensor ID to revert to an empty string.
2304080 Instrumented areas in Reflective mode might miss updates from their associated zones.
2305510 The Instrumented area volume report has redundant or inconsistent row GUIDs.
2315074 The plugin fails when running under a heavy load.
2320206 The Apply and Cancelbuttons are not always displayed on the plugin configuration page when run with Security Center 5.8.
2324389 Payload received from Bosch cameras is truncated at 24k.
2360867 Adding an nonexistent TSS zone to a Wavetronix TSS entity invalidates data for all zones.
2360868 Wavetronix TSS zones report occupancy higher than 100%.
2360869 Polling intervals cannot be configured on Wavetronix devices.
2360871 The Comms tab for Wavetronix TSS entities is named Properties.
2360874 Wavetronix TSS zones return incorrect vehicles per minute data.
2360888 Wavetronix TSS entities log communication errors at every polling cycle.
2360890 Wavetronix TSS zones show timestamps in the future.
2361917 TSS polling should not be synchronous.
2363521 The Instrumented area volume report should use the timezone of the server where the plugin is installed.
2363762 The ViNotion TSS entity uses a library that is not approved for production use.