Running the Instrumented area volume report - Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3

Security Center Traffic Sensor Management Plugin Guide 2.3

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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management 2.3
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Security Center Traffic Sensor Management

Using the Instrumented area volume report, you can generate reports on the occupancy of instrumented areas for specified intervals and time ranges.

Before you begin

  • Install sensors at all of the physical zone's inbound and outbound access points.
  • Create a TSS entity and its associated zones.
  • Create an instrumented area.
    NOTE: If you are creating an instrumented that is only used for this report, then you can skip the instrumented area's Properties tab configuration.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the Instrumented area volume report.
  2. Select your instrumented areas.
  3. (Optional) Specify additional search filters:
    • Summary interval: Report the volume of the instrumented area in hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly intervals.
    • Time range: Filter by specific time ranges.
  4. Click Generate report.
  5. To generate a visual report, click Charts in the upper-right corner of the task window.