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A Federal Agency Smart Credential Number (FASC-N) is an identifier used in the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials issued by US Federal Agencies. FASC-N credential bit lengths vary based on reader configuration; Security Center natively recognizes 75-bit and 200-bit formats.

FASC-N credentials can be created manually in Config Tool or Security Desk using the native Card format definition list or by using Batch enrollment in the Security Desk Credential management task.

You can also import FASC-N and raw-format credentials from a CSV file using the Import tool in Config tool, or the Security Center SDK. If you select Credential raw data on the Bindings page during import, Security Center automatically resolves the credentials and formats.

Non-governmental Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) and Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) credentials will output the CHUID.GUID identifier, which is recognized by Security Center as a raw 128-bit credential; the credential can also be mapped to a custom card format.