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A tile is an individual window within the canvas, used to display a single entity. The entity displayed is typically the video from a camera, a map, or anything of a graphical nature. The look and feel of the tile depends on the displayed entity.

Tiles can display the following:
  • Entities
  • Event information
  • Live and playback video
  • Video images
  • Cardholder and visitor pictures and information
  • ALPR reads
  • Web pages
  • Tile plugins
  • maps

Content is automatically displayed in tiles when events occur related to the entities you are monitoring. You can also display entities by dragging them to a tile. Security Desk tiles have a tile-memory, meaning that Security Desk remembers the last 8 entities displayed in each tile. Using the commands in tile widget, you can switch to the previous, next, and initial tile content.

You can right-click inside the tile to view tile menu commands.

The following figure shows a tile displaying a camera.

A Tile ID The tile ID is the number displayed at the upper left corner of the tile. This number uniquely identifies each tile within the canvas.

If the tile ID is blue, it means event monitoring is enabled for the tile. If it is black, monitoring is disabled. If it is red with a narrow band of blue, event and alarm monitoring are enabled for the tile.

B Tile toolbar Displays the entity name. When an event occurs, information corresponding to the event is also shown in the tile toolbar.
C Yellow frame Indicates that the tile is selected.
D Video stream The streaming video is displayed inside the tile. Double-click to expand the tile to the whole canvas.
E On-tile video controls Use the on-tile video controls while viewing video in a tile.
F Recording state Recording state is the current recording status of a given camera. There are four possible recording states: Enabled, Disabled, Currently recording (unlocked), and Currently recording (locked). Green indicates that it is not recording. Red indicates that it is recording.
G Timeline A timeline is a graphic illustration of a video sequence, showing where in time, motion and bookmarks are found. Thumbnails can also be added to the timeline to help the user select the segment of interest.

Use the timeline to control playback video.