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With visual tracking you can follow an individual in live or playback mode from camera to camera through your facility.


Visual tracking saves you time and simplifies monitoring and investigation tasks. You can follow someone quickly without losing time looking for the right camera to switch to. You do not have to remember all the camera names in your system because the cameras are linked together.

Some other advantages of linking cameras are:
  • Training new operators quickly.
  • Reducing operator stress during high-alert situations.

Common use cases

Some common use cases for visual tracking are:
Following suspects
Following a suspect in real time or in playback mode after an incident has occurred.
Guard tours
Conducting manual guard tours at your own pace.
Exit routes
Monitoring individuals as they exit a building.
Visitor escorts
Tracking visitors and their escorts through your facility.
Business processes
Monitoring individuals during a money collection and distribution route in a casino.
Loading docks
Following goods as they are received and unloaded.

How it works

When you turn on visual tracking using the feet icon () in Security Desk, colored shapes are displayed on the video image, according to how they are configured. Each shape corresponds to another camera field of view that you can switch to by clicking it. If more than one camera is associated with a shape, a list of camera names is shown when you click the shape.

When you hover your mouse pointer over a shape, you can see a preview of the next camera image.

Tip: You can press Ctrl+Shift+F to turn on visual tracking for all cameras that are displayed in the canvas.

Watch this video to learn more.