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The Alarm widget appears whenever an alarm entity is displayed in the current tile. It offers you different ways to respond to an alarm.

If a triggered alarm requires an acknowledgment condition (for example, Door closed), the Investigate button appears in the alarm widget when that alarm entity is displayed in the current tile and the acknowledgment condition is not yet cleared.

The commands in the alarm widget are available in the Monitoring, Alarm monitoring, and Alarm report tasks.

The alarm widget commands are described below:




Acknowledge (Default)1 Acknowledge the alarm. The alarm is no longer active, and is removed from the canvas and the alarm list.
Acknowledge (Alternate)1 Set the alarm to the alternate acknowledged state. The reasons for using this acknowledgment type are defined by your company. For example, if a false alarm is triggered, you can acknowledge the alarm this way. This state can be used as a filter in alarm queries.
Forcibly acknowledge1 Force the alarm to be acknowledged. This is helpful for clearing alarms that are currently under investigation and their acknowledgment condition is not yet cleared.
Investigate Investigate the alarm. This action lets other users in the system know that you have seen the alarm without acknowledging it, so the alarm is not removed from the active alarm list.
Snooze alarm1 Put the alarm to sleep for 30 seconds. When the alarm is snoozing, it is temporarily removed from the canvas. You can change the default snooze time from the Options dialog box.
Forward alarm1 Forward the alarm to another user in the system. Before forwarding the alarm, you must select a user, and you can also type a message.
Show alarm procedure Show the alarm’s specific procedure (if one is defined by the administrator). Alarm procedures are simple to create and can take the form of HTML pages or a web application developed by the end user.

1 If you hold Ctrl+Shift when clicking the command, that command applies to all alarms displayed in the canvas.