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To unlock a door or override locking and unlocking schedules, you can use the Door widget to control access through doors. The door widget is enabled when a door entity is displayed in the selected canvas tile.

What you should know

  • For the Override unlock schedules button in the Door widget to be enabled, you must have the Modify door properties privilege and the Override unlock schedules privilege.
  • Access controlled doors are locked by default, unless an unlock schedule is being used. Only cardholders with the correct credentials can open them. When a door is displayed in a canvas tile, the door entity icon in the tile toolbar changes in real time to reflect whether the door is physically open () or closed ().
  • If no camera is associated with the door, a static open door image is displayed in the canvas tile. The following figure shows an open door and its corresponding door icon:


  1. From the Monitoring task, select a tile that is displaying a door.
    The Door widget is displayed in the Controls pane.
  2. In the door widget, do one of the following:
    • To unlock the door and temporarily grant access, click Unlock ().

      The duration of the grant time is configured by the system administrator. The widget shows that the door is open and unlocked.

    • To override the door’s unlock schedule, click Override unlock schedules (), and select one the following:
      Unlocked for maintenance
      Unlock the door indefinitely for maintenance purposes. This option requires the Maintenance mode privilege for doors. To cancel the override, click in the door widget.
      Temporarily override unlock schedule
      Lock () or unlock () the door for a specified period of time, either immediately or in the future. With this option, the door returns to its normal state after the time expires.
  3. Click OK.


When setting unlock schedules for a door, a Security Center administrator can program a door to grant access to everyone during certain hours of the day, such as when a receptionist is on duty. If you have the rights, you can override these unlock schedules by locking the door when it is scheduled to be unlocked, or by unlocking the door when it is scheduled to be locked.