Assigning an additional visitor host for areas with turnstiles - Security Center 5.10

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You can set a second host for visitor delegations to turnstile-accessible areas. This feature lets you set one host at the head of a delegation and the other to tail the visitors. For a delegation with a set limit, a second host is required if the visitor number exceeds that limit.

What you should know

  • This procedure applies to visitor escort for turnstiles in delegation mode.
    NOTE: Delegation mode is not to be confused with single passage enforcement mode. For more information about this mode, see the Synergis™ Softwire Single Passage Enforcement Technote.
  • A delegation consists of one or two hosts and one or more visitors.
  • If your visitor delegation is at its configured limit for a single host, adding an additional visitor will trigger the warning "Single host visitor limit exceeded. Assign a different host or add a second one," and require you to either start a new delegation or to assign a second host to the expanded delegation.


  1. Click Advanced (), then click the Visitor host drop-down list.
  2. Do one of the following tasks:
    • Add a second host to the delegation
      1. From the Visitor host list, select a cardholder as the second host.
      2. Select the Escort required option.
      3. Click Save. In the dialog box that opens, confirm that you want to add a second host to the delegation.
        NOTE: When adding a second host to an existing delegation, the second host is assigned to all cardholders in that delegation.
    • Start a new delegation
      1. Delete the assigned host by clicking Clear selection at the bottom of the Visitor hosts list.
      2. Select a new host from the list.