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Using the AutoVu™ Free-Flow reports, you can identify the vehicles that are parked in violation of the parking rules. These reports can be used when manually issuing tickets, or they can be used to export violations to a third-party ticketing system.

You can generate parking zone reports from the following reporting tasks:

Parking sessions
The Parking sessions task gives you a real-time inventory of the parking sessions for vehicles that are currently in the parking zone, or that have already left the parking zone. You can create a vehicle inventory report for the current parking zone occupancy, or for a specific time in the past based on the selected time filter.
Parking zone activities
Using the Parking zone activities task, you can track the parking zone-related events that occur between the time the vehicle's plate is read at the entrance and the exit of the parking zone. This is the main task used for investigation purposes or for when a parking ticket is contested.