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From any video-related task in Security Desk, you can control camera sequences that are displayed in the canvas.

What you should know

Camera sequences are groups of cameras that are saved as a single entity. They are represented in the area view by a camera icon with a clock overlay (). If a camera in a sequence goes offline, you do not see the entity state change to red (offline), but the video stream is not available.

When a camera sequence is displayed in a tile, all the cameras in the sequence are displayed in rotation. If you add additional camera sequences to the canvas, the camera rotation is synchronized.

NOTE: If there is a PTZ camera in the sequence and you start controlling the PTZ, the rotation stops. You can click Start cycling again once you are done controlling the PTZ.


  1. Display the camera sequence one of the following ways:
    • Find the camera sequence in the area view, and then double-click or drag it to a tile.
    • Drag the camera sequence from the report pane to a tile.
  2. In the tile toolbar, click .
  3. From the drop-down list of packed entities, do one of the following:
    • To pause the sequence and stay with the current camera, click Stop cycling.
    • To display all cameras simultaneously, click Unpack.
    • To force the sequence to display a specific stream, click the individual camera.