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In Security Desk, you can monitor the conversion status of G64 and G64x video files to ASF or MP4 formats from the Conversion dialog box.

You can open the Conversion dialog box by double-clicking the Video conversion () icon in the notification tray.

The dialog box shows both the conversion queue (files waiting to be converted) and the conversion log (files that have already been converted). Each file is identified by its File name, the conversion Status, a Progress indicator, the Duration of the conversion, the original File size, the file Path, and the Destination folder for the converted file. The converted file keeps the name of the original file, but uses the ASF extension.

The possible conversion statuses are the following:
The file is waiting to be converted.
The conversion is in progress. The progress of the conversion is indicated in the Progress column.
The conversion has been completed successfully. The time the conversion took is indicated in the Duration column.
Error occurred
The conversion failed. Select the file to see the reason of the failure in the Error field below.
The conversion has been canceled by the user. If the conversion was canceled after it started, the conversion time is indicated in the Duration.
The action buttons found in the dialog box are the following:
Clear selected items
Deletes the selected items from the conversion log. Only conversions that are Successful, Failed, and Canceled can be removed from the log. The conversion log is lost when you exit Security Desk.
Cancel selections
Cancels the selected items from the conversion queue. Only conversions that are Queued or Converting can be canceled. When you cancel a conversion that has already started, the portion that has already been converted is saved.
Closes the conversion monitoring dialog box. The conversion process continues in the background. Closing this dialog box allows you to add more files to the conversion.