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You can view the number of cardholders that are currently in secured areas on your system, using the People counting task. This is also useful for removing people from areas of which they are mistakenly listed as occupants.

What you should know

The number of cardholders present in a selected area is updated in real time as people move in and out of the area.

For the report to be accurate, the selected area must be fully secured, meaning that people should not be allowed to enter or exit the area without swiping their card. Readers should be installed on both sides of a door (no REX’s), and cardholders must pass through the door one by one (no tailgating). Turnstiles are often used for this purpose.


  1. From the home page, open the People counting task.
  2. In the Selector, select an area.

    The cardholders present in that area are listed on the right.

  3. To launch an investigation report on a selected cardholder, click Investigate ().
  4. To remove a selected cardholder from the area you are viewing, click Remove from area ().
  5. To reset the people count to zero for the selected area, click Clear all.


The cardholders that you removed using either the Remove from area command or the Clear all command, are automatically forgiven one antipassback violation the next time they badge their card. This allows them to re-enter the area they have been removed from.


If you see suspicious activity while monitoring a live video feed, you can use people counting to see cardholders that are currently in that area. If there is a fire in your building, you can use people counting to see if there is anyone left in an area of the building.