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If you need many card credentials in your access control system, you can enroll multiple credentials at a time.

The following two enrollment methods are available in the Credential enrollment task:
Automatic entry
This is the recommended method when the cards you want to enroll are at your disposal, and when the card data is not found within any known range of values. It is also appropriate to use this enrollment method when the cards come in many types of formats.
Manual entry
This is the recommended method when all the cards you want to enroll are the same format, and one of the data fields (typically the Card number) contains a range of consecutive values. You do not require the actual cards, or a card reader to use this method, and it can be an effective way of pre-enrolling large quantities of cards.

You can also enroll credentials using the Import tool. For more information about importing credentials using the Import tool, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.