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Security Center User Guide 5.10

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Security Center 5.10
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You can customize your network card, how your network is selected, and your port range to ensure the best communication to and from your workstation.

What you should know

The network settings apply to the local workstation, and affect Security Desk and Config Tool for all users.


  1. From the home page, click Options > General.
  2. If your computer is equipped with more than one network card, select the one used to communicate with Security Center applications from the Network card drop-down list.
  3. Choose how to select the Network:
    Security Center automatically detects the network your workstation is connected to.
    Manually select the network you are on from the drop-down list. This option is helpful if you have trouble getting video feeds.
  4. In the Incoming UDP port range option, select the port range used for transmitting video to your workstation using multicast or unicast UDP.
  5. Click Save.


Let’s consider the following use case. You have a network 10.1.x.x that has a route to 10.2.x.x. But for some reason, a specific workstation at address cannot access 10.2.x.x. Specifying a network manually on that workstation allows the Media Router to know that it has to redirect the media from 10.2.x.x for that workstation instead of making it try to connect directly to 10.2.x.x and fail.