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Once you have generated your report, you can customize how the results are displayed in the report pane.


  1. Generate your report.
  2. Choose which columns to show, as follows:
    1. In the report pane, right-click on a column heading, and then click Select columns ().
    2. Select the columns you want to show, and clear the columns you want to hide.
    3. To change the column order of appearance, use the and arrows.
    4. Click OK.
  3. To adjust the width of a column, click between two column headings and drag the separator to the right or left.
  4. To change the column order, click and hold a column heading in the report pane, and dragging it to the desired position.
  5. To sort the report by one of the columns, click the column heading. Click the column heading a second time to sort the report in the reverse order.
    NOTE: All columns containing timestamps are sorted according to their UTC time value. If you choose to display the times in Security Center according to each device’s local time zone rather than a fixed time zone, the times might appear out of order if the report contains devices from different time zones.
  6. To increase the size the report pane, drag the separator bar between the report pane and the canvas to the bottom of the application window.
  7. Save your task layout with the changes you made to the report pane as follows:
    • To save the task as a private or public task, right-click the task tab, and then click Save as.
    • To save the workspace for the next time you open the application, right-click in the taskbar, and then click Save workspace.