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To display a 360 degree fisheye or panoramic camera lens image as a rectangular image in a Security Desk tile, you can dewarp, or flatten it by zooming into the camera image.

Before you begin

Configure the camera lens in Config Tool.

What you should know

The dewarping time varies, depending on your computer and the dewarped resolution. For example, the dewarping time will be four times longer using a 640x480 resolution instead of a 320x240 resolution.


  1. Display a 360 degree fisheye or panoramic camera in a tile.
  2. To zoom in the image, use your mouse wheel, or draw a box on the region you want to zoom to.
    NOTE: If you zoom using your mouse wheel, it zooms to the center of the image, not where your cursor is pointing.
  3. To navigate the zoomed image, click the image thumbnail at the top-left of the tile.
  4. To zoom out, use the mouse wheel, or the zoom slider on the right-side of the tile.