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Mini-Maps can be hidden for all image maps by selecting the Disable Mini-Maps option in the user's Map options settings. Mini-Maps can be hidden per image map through a right-click option or through the Maps task.

What you should know

Mini-Maps are enabled by default and are displayed when an image map is loaded, unless it is opened from a private task or previously saved workspace with the Mini-Map manually disabled. Mini-Map right-click options are unavailable if the entire image map is visible or the Mini-Map is too small.

Map options in Security Desk are associated with the current Windows user.


To disable Mini-Maps from the user options:

  1. Open Map options.
    • From the Security Desk home page, click Options > Map.
    • From the Maps task, click Settings > Options > Map.
  2. Select the Disable minimap check box.
  3. Click Save.
    Mini-Maps are now disabled for the user.

To disable Mini-Maps in a Monitoring tile:

  1. Right-click the image map.
  2. Select Disable minimap.
    The Mini-Map is disabled for this task. When the task is re-opened, the Mini-Map is shown or hidden based on how the user left the task last.

To disable Mini-Maps from the Maps task:

  1. Open the Maps task in Security Desk.
  2. Click the Settings button ().
  3. Select Disable minimap.
    The Mini-Map is disabled until the Maps task is closed. The Mini-Map remains disabled if the map is changed within the same task instance.