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Hit annotation fields are properties of a hit that are not displayed by default in Security Desk (for example, the vehicle’s VIN or serial number). They can be fields that are extracted from the hotlist the plate was matched with, or they can be other fields, such as UserEditedPlate, custom fields, and so on.

Custom annotation fields are only available if they have been created in Config Tool.

The following are examples of hotlist annotation fields:
For hotlist hits, the Category is the reason a license plate is of interest (for example, Amber alert, Wanted felon, Stolen, and so on). For permit hits, the Category is the type of permit (for example, Zone 35, Zone 50, and so on).
NOTE: This is a mandatory field for hotlists and permits. The category is taken from the hotlist or permit list that the license plate is matched against. For a new wanted license plate, the category is defined in the ALPR settings new wanted categories and downloaded to a Genetec Patroller™. When a new wanted license plate is entered manually in Genetec Patroller™, the user selects the appropriate Category from the downloaded list.
The plate number as it appears in the hotlist.
The plate state/province as it appears in the hotlist.
The hotlist is effective from this date.
The hotlist expires on this date.
The license plate was edited manually.