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Mobile License Plate Inventory (MLPI) is the Genetec Patroller™ software installation that is configured for collecting license plates and other vehicle information for creating and maintaining a license plate inventory for a large parking area or parking garage.

The AutoVu™ MLPI process works as follows:
  • A parking facility is created in Config Tool. The parking facility describes the layout of the parking area in sectors and rows.
  • Genetec Patroller™ routes are associated to sectors and rows configured in the parking facility. The sector and row of a license plate read represents the location of the vehicle in the parking facility.
  • AutoVu MLPI Genetec Patroller™ (or handheld device approved by Genetec Inc.) collects license plate reads in the parking facility, and then offloads the data to Security Center.
    NOTE: Handheld device reads are imported to the ALPR Manager database using the XML import module. A single ghost patroller, called XML import, appears in the list to identify this. No matter how many handheld devices exist, all their reads are imported to the same ghost patroller.
  • Security Center polls the Offload folder for new MLPI data.
  • The Inventory icon () in Security Desk indicates when there is new data that can be added to an inventory.