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An access event (Access granted or Access denied: Invalid PIN, and so on) is any event involving an access point. When an access event occurs on an entity you are monitoring, information about the event is displayed in a tile in the Monitoring task.

The following figure is an example of an Access denied event that has occurred. The event description is displayed at the top of the tile as a colored overlay. Additional information, such as the event timestamp and the cardholder name is displayed when you place the cursor over the colored overlay. Also, you can expand the cardholder picture by placing the cursor over the picture. This might be helpful when comparing the cardholder picture to the face you see in the video.

How antipassback works

An antipassback violation occurs when a cardholder enters an area that they never exited, or when they exit an area that they never entered. This can occur when an authorized cardholder unlocks a door, and while entering, passes their card back to somebody else.

The Security Center administrator can configure the system to deny access to that cardholder. When this happens, you must click the Forgive antipassback violation () button to let the cardholder in or out.