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To enhance your situational awareness and system security, you can use maps in Security Center to view and navigate your facilities in real time, and manage your cameras, doors, and other entities.

To use maps in Security Center, you must have Plan Manager enabled in your license. To work with your maps in Security Desk, you can use either the Maps task, which is dedicated to working with maps, or the generic Monitoring task.
With maps, you can do the following:
  • Pan and zoom
  • Navigate through different maps
  • Span a single map across multiple monitors
  • Manage your Security Center entities, such as cameras, doors, zones, and so on
  • Monitor and respond to alarms and events in real-time
  • Add local and federated entities
  • Show and hide information about map objects
  • View information related to map objects in a text bubble
  • Find entities on maps and see what other entities are nearby
  • Mark points of interest, such as fire exits, first aid kits, and so on
  • Monitor and control cameras, doors, intrusion detection areas, and zones
  • Monitor moving objects, such as patrol vehicles
  • View license plate reads and hits from fixed ALPR cameras
  • Monitor the state of input pins (active, inactive)
  • Control the behavior of output relays
  • Run macros

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