How visitor escort for turnstiles in delegation mode works - Security Center 5.10

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With the visitor escort rule, host and visitor badging at a turnstile follows a strict order.

For visitor escort for turnstiles in delegation mode, the badge-and-entry sequence is as follows:
  1. The host badges and enters.
  2. The first visitor badges and enters.
  3. The next visitor badges and enters. This sequence continues until the last visitor has entered.
  4. If there is a second host, the host badges and enters.
If the badging order between host and visitor is not respected, it can trigger any of the following events:
  • Access denied: a valid host is required is triggered if a visitor badges before the host.
  • Visitor astray: if the host badges and enters without the visitor(s), then this event is triggered for each visitor, including a Missing tail host event if a second host was configured.
    • Visitor astray is also triggered if a visitor does not badge after the host enters, or if the tail host badges before the last visitor.
  • Missing tail host is triggered if the tail host in a two-host delegation does not badge.
NOTE: The badging order of the hosts is not important, as long as one badges and enters before the first visitor, and the other badges and enters last.