Identifying who is granted or denied access at access points - Security Center 5.10

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You can find out which cardholders are currently granted or denied access to selected areas, doors, and elevators, using the Cardholder access rights report.

What you should know

This report is helpful because it shows you where a cardholder can go, and when, and determine if their access rule properties must be adjusted.
Tip: Perform your query on one access point at a time, so your report is more specific.


  1. From the home page, open the Cardholder access rights task.
  2. Set up query filters for your report. Choose one or more of the following filters:
    Doors - Areas - Elevators
    Restrict the search to activities that took place at certain doors, areas, and elevators.
    Restrict the search to specific cardholders, cardholder groups, or visitors.
    Ignore access denied
    Turn on this filter to exclude cardholders and visitors who have only been denied access, and have not been granted access.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The cardholders associated with the selected access point through an access rule are listed in the report pane. The results indicate if the cardholder is granted or denied access, and by which access rule.
  4. To show a cardholder in a tile, double-click or drag a cardholder from the report pane to the canvas.
  5. To view additional cardholder information in the tile, click .

After you finish

If necessary, modify the cardholder's access rights.