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When Security Desk is in full screen mode, you can hide the area view, taskbar, and controls so only the canvas and the video streams you are monitoring are shown, or you can maximize one tile to focus on a particular video image.

What you should know

The full screen video mode looks similar to an analog monitor. If Security Desk is connected to multiple monitors and you switch the canvas to full screen mode, each monitor displays a separate canvas. You can select which monitors switch to full screen mode from the Options dialog box.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • To maximize the canvas, press F11 > F10.

      Everything is hidden except for the canvas tiles.

    • To maximize one tile, press Alt+ENTER.
  2. Use your keyboard shortcuts to control the video streams.
  3. To show the taskbar, hover your mouse at the top of the Security Desk window.
  4. To exit full screen mode, do one of the following:
    • If your canvas is maximized, press F11 > F10.
    • If one tile is maximized, press Alt+ENTER.