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By default, ALPR events are displayed in the canvas in tile mode, which allows you to view information about the read or hit, view the plate images from the events in high resolution, print hits, and so on, in individual tiles.


  1. In the Monitoring task, select an ALPR event in a tile, or double-click an event from the event list.

    The following information about the ALPR event is displayed in the tile by default:
    Entity name
    Name of the entity you are monitoring, shown in the tile toolbar.
    ALPR event name
    Event type (License plate read, License plate hit, and so on), shown in the tile toolbar.
    Tile background color:
    • Black (Default). Plate read event.
    • Red (Default). Hotlist hit event.
    • Green (Default). Permit hit event.
    • Blue (Default). Shared permit hit and overtime hit event.
    NOTE: You can change the default colors of ALPR events from hotlists, overtime rules, and permit restrictions in Config Tool.
    Context image
    Wide-angled image of the vehicle that was read by the ALPR unit context camera.
    Plate image
    Image captured by the ALPR camera and the OCR interpretation from the event.
    Plate number
    License plate number.
    Plate state
    Origin of the license plate.
    Date and time
    Date and time of the plate capture assigned to the hit rule that matched the plate.
    Location of the unit when the plate image was captured.
    NOTE: The address is only shown if the geocoder module is enabled in Config Tool. If Genetec Patroller™ is not equipped with maps, then the address is only shown if the geocoder is enabled to resolve the GPS position.
    (Hits only) Hit rule
    Hit rule that produced the hit.
    (Overtime hits only) Tire/Overview image
    Wheel image captured by the wheel-imaging camera that is mounted at the back of the Genetec Patroller™ vehicle. Wheel images are only shown if the hit was captured by a Genetec Patroller™ that supports wheel imaging.
  2. To check the digital signature of the ALPR event, right-click inside the tile, and then click Verify digital signature.
    A valid digital signature confirms that an ALPR event has not been tampered with. Security Center adds a digital signature to all reads and hits recorded by fixed Sharps, and Genetec Patroller™ adds a digital signature to Sharps installed on the vehicle. A digital signature can have one of the following statuses:
    • Valid ().
    • Invalid ().
    • If no icon is displayed, the digital signature has been tampered with.
  3. (Hits only) To view more information about the hit, such as its hotlist attributes, click in the tile (user, accept or reject reason, plate state, and so on).
  4. (Hits only) To print the event data as proof of the violation, click in the tile.