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Using the Monitoring task, you can monitor events such as access control events from doors and cardholders, license plate reads and hits from fixed and mobile ALPR units, and camera related events, in real time.

What you should know

To monitoring events, you must monitor the entities that trigger those events. These entities are selected in the Monitoring task. You can customize how the Monitoring task displays information to suit the purpose of the task. For example, if you are monitoring cameras, you can hide everything else except for the canvas tiles to make the camera images bigger. You can create multiple Monitoring tasks to monitor different sets of entities, for example, only cameras or doors.


  1. Select the events to monitor.
  2. Select the entities that are linked to the events you want to monitor.
    After selecting the entities, events that occur in your system are shown chronologically in the event list and in real time. You cannot change the order of the events.
  3. To show the event list, drag the divider down from the top of the Monitoring task window.
  4. To choose what event information to display in the event list, right-click a column heading, and then click Select columns to choose the information you want to display in the list.
    In access control systems, you might only want to view cardholder and credential fields. In ALPR systems, you might only want to view plate numbers and context images.
  5. To clear the event list, click Clear event list () in the upper-right corner of the Monitoring task.
  6. To monitor events in the canvas, choose one of the following two modes:
    Tile mode
    Tile mode is the main Security Desk canvas operating mode that presents information in separate tiles. You can turn monitoring on or off for each tile.
    Map mode
    Map mode is a Security Desk canvas operating mode that replaces tiles and controls with a geographical map showing all active, georeferenced events in your system. Switching to Map mode is a feature that comes with AutoVu™, Correlation, or Genetec Mission Control™, and requires a license for one of these major features.
    NOTE: To switch between tile mode and map mode, your account must have the Switch to map mode privilege.
  7. From the area view, drag and drop the entities you want to view into the canvas.
  8. (Optional) To protect the content in the tile from being overwritten by new events, turn off monitoring for that tile.
    Tip: This is helpful if you have a tile plugin displayed in the canvas, and do not want an event to replace it.
    1. Select a tile in the canvas.
    2. In the tile widget, click Monitoring (), and click Monitor events.
    The checkmark beside Monitor events disappears and tile ID background turns black.