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In the Monitoring task on the remote Security Desk, you can use a subset of the actions available to you in a local Monitoring task. For example, you can only monitor video and access control and video entities (cameras, areas, doors, areas, elevators, intrusion detection areas, and so on).


  1. Open the Monitoring task.
    If the remote workstation does not have a Monitoring task open, proceed as follows:
    1. Right-click the Home tab, and click New task ().
    2. Click Monitoring, and type a name for the task.
    3. Click Create.
  2. Select which entities to monitor
    This is done the same way as in a local Monitoring task.
  3. To view an entity in a canvas tile, drag or double-click the entity from the area view.
    ¸The entity is displayed in your local Remote task, and on the remote workstation.