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The About page displays information regarding your Security Center software, such as your purchased license, license expiration date, Genetec™ Advantage contract number, software version, and so on.

All license options are either supported, unsupported, or limited by a maximum use count. For options with a maximum use count, Security Desk shows the current use vs. the maximum allowed.

The following tabs are available, depending on what your license supports:
Indicates when your software license expires, and gives you the information you need to provide when contacting Genetec™ Technical Assistance Center: System ID, Company name, Package name, and your Genetec™ Advantage contract number.
IMPORTANT: Thirty days before the expiry of either your license or your Genetec™ Advantage contract, you'll receive a message in Config Tool alerting you that your license or your Advantage contract is about to expire. Config Tool connects to GTAP to validate the Advantage contract.
Security Center
This tab shows all generic Security Center options.
This tab shows all the access control options. It is shown only if Synergis™ (access control) is supported.
This tab shows all the video options. It is shown only if Omnicast (video surveillance) is supported.
This tab shows all the ALPR options. It is shown only if AutoVu (ALPR) is supported.
Plan Manager
This tab shows the Plan Manager options.
This tab shows all the Security Center mobile and web access options.
This tab lists the SDK certificates included in this license key.
Purchase order
This tab reproduces your order.
On the About page, the following buttons are also available:
Click to open the online help. You can also click F1.
Change password
Click to change your password.
Contact us
Click to visit GTAP or the GTAP forum. You need an Internet connection to visit these websites.
Installed components
Click to view the name and version of all installed software components (DLLs).
Click to display software copyright information.
Send feedback
Click to send us feedback.