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The PTZ widget is used to perform pan, tilt, and zoom operations on the displayed camera. It appears in the Controls pane when the selected tile displays a PTZ-enabled camera ().

IMPORTANT: Not all PTZ cameras support all PTZ commands. If one or more of the PTZ buttons are greyed out, the PTZ camera you are working with does not support that command.

Button/Letter Command Description
A Direction arrows Pan the PTZ motor using the eight direction arrows.
B Speed slider Adjust the speed of the PTZ motor.
C Zoom in/out Zoom in and out using the plus (+) and minus (-) commands.
D Quick access buttons Move the PTZ motor to one of the eight quick access PTZ presets.
E Presets Select a preset from the drop-down list to move the PTZ motor to that preset, save a new preset position, or rename the preset.
F Patterns Select a PTZ pattern from the drop-down list to start a PTZ pattern (series of presets or recorded PTZ movements), record a new pattern, or rename the pattern.
G Preset tours Select an auxiliary from the drop-down list to start or stop an auxiliary command, or rename the command.
Lock PTZ Lock the PTZ motor so only you have control of the PTZ.
Toggle to advanced mode Open the PTZ Advanced mode menu.
Focus near Focus the PTZ near.
Focus far Focus the PTZ far.
Open iris Manually control the iris (open iris).
Close iris Manually control the iris (close iris).
PTZ home Go to the PTZ home (default) position.
Flip Flip the PTZ motor 180 degrees.
Menu on/off Open the PTZ menu. This option is only for analog PTZ cameras.
Specific commands Use commands that are specific to that camera model.
Go to preset Jump to the preset position selected in the drop-down list.
Save the preset selected in the drop-down list, using the current PTZ position.
Clear preset
Clear the PTZ position from the preset.
Start pattern Start the PTZ pattern selected in the drop-down list. You can click any preset of PTZ button to stop the pattern.
Rename the selected preset, pattern, or auxiliary.
Record pattern
Record a new PTZ pattern.
Clear pattern
Clear the pattern.
Start auxiliary command Start a PTZ auxiliary command (for example, a wiper blade).
Stop auxiliary command Stop the PTZ auxiliary command.
Rename Rename the selected preset, pattern, or auxiliary.