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During a vehicle's parking session, several events and sub-events are triggered based on the parking rules that are applied to the parking zone.

Administrators can use events to create event-to-actions for the parking zone. For example, you can configure an event-to-action that sends an email or triggers an alarm when a violation detected event is generated.
Sub-events appear in the Security Desk Parking zone activities report. You can filter the report for specific sub-events, but you cannot include sub-events in an event-to-action.

The following events and sub-events are available:

Events Sub-events

Capacity threshold reached

Not applicable

Convenience time started

Not applicable

Grace period started

  • Convenience time expired
  • Paid time invalid

Inventory reset

Not applicable

Paid time started

  • Paid time valid
  • Unable to validate paid time

Session completed

  • Inventory reset
  • Maximum session time exceeded
  • Unknown vehicle exited
  • Vehicle exited
  • Vehicle re-entered
  • Read edited
  • Rule deleted

Session started

  • Unknown vehicle exited
  • Vehicle entered

Validating paid time

  • Convenience time expired
  • Paid time expired
  • Read edited

Violation detected

  • Convenience time expired
  • Grace period expired
  • Paid time invalid
  • Shared permit match

Violation enforced

Not applicable