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To temporarily prevent all access through a door, you can deactivate (or shunt) the reader on the side of the door you don’t want people to access.

What you should know

Not all readers can be disabled from Security Desk. The ability to shunt a reader depends on your access control equipment. Shunting a reader is equivalent to cutting the power to the reader. For this reason, a cardholder presenting a valid credential at the door would no longer be able to unlock the door. This however does not prevent someone from unlocking the door with a key.
Tip: You can also shunt a defective reader to prevent it from beeping or generating any events.


To prevent access through a door:

  1. From the Monitoring task, select a tile that is displaying a door.
    The Door widget is displayed in the Controls pane.
  2. In the door widget, click the Reader () button, and select the reader you want to shunt.
    The reader that is shunted is indicated in the door widget.

To re-activate a reader:

  1. Click again the Reader () button and select the reader you want to activate.