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You can print a Hits-Photo evidence report for License plate hit events from the Monitoring task and other ALPR tasks.

What you should know

The printed report includes the current date, hit information (plate number, GPS coordinates, address, hit date, hit type, and so on), the ALPR image, the context image, wheel images (if applicable), and the map context.


  1. From the home page, open the Monitoring task or an ALPR task.
  2. If needed, generate your report.
  3. Select a hit event in a tile or on the map.
  4. In the tile or Properties window, click .
  5. In the Print evidence dialog box, confirm the license plate number so you do not print a false read.
  6. Confirm that the OCR interpretation matches the ALPR image.
  7. In the text box, type the license plate number, and then click Confirm.
  8. Click Print, select a printer, and then click Print.

    The Hits-Photo evidence report is printed.