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After generating a report, the results of your query are listed in the report pane. This section lists the columns available for the Archive storage details task.

Camera name.
Custom fields
Predefined custom fields for the entity. The columns only appear if custom fields are defined for the entity and were made visible to you when they were created or last configured.
The drive on the server where the Archiver role is running.
End time
End of the time range, playback sequence, or video sequence.
File name
Name of the video file.
File size
Size of the video file.
Length of the video sequence contained in the video file, in hours, minutes, and seconds.
Media type
Type of media (video, confidential video, audio, metadata) contained in the file.
Origin type
The origin of the file:
Downloaded from the unit's internal storage
Files created by the camera, downloaded from it by an Archiver, and currently stored on the Archiver's disk.
Duplicated from another Archiver
Files created by an Archiver and transferred to another one.
On the unit's internal storage
Files created by the camera and currently stored on it.
Recorded by the Archiver
Files created and currently stored by an Archiver.
Restored from a backup
Files restored from an offline backup set; that is, a backup file containing archives that were not accessible from Security Center prior to restoring them.
Protection status
Protection status of the video file.
Name of the server hosting this role.
Source (entity)
The name of the system the camera belongs to.
Start time
Beginning of the time range, playback sequence, or video sequence.