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After generating a report, the results of your query are listed in the report pane. This section lists the columns available for the Archiver statistics task.

Entity name.
Name of the server hosting this role.
Active cameras
Number of cameras detected by the Archiver.
Archiving cameras
Number of cameras that have archiving enabled (Continuous, On event, or Manual) and that are not suffering from any issue that prevents archiving.

See details: View the recording state and statistics of each individual camera in the Archiving cameras dialog box. The statistics are taken from the last refresh of the Statistics dialog box. This report allows you to verify whether each encoder is currently streaming video (and audio) and whether the Archiver is currently recording the data.

Total number of cameras
Total number of cameras assigned to this role.
Used space
Amount of space used by video archives.
Free space
Free space on disk.
Available space
Available free space for video archives (equals Free space on disk minus Min. free space).
Load percentage
Percentage of space used over the allotted space.
Archiver receiving rate
Rate at which the Archiver is receiving data.
Archiver writing rate
Rate at which the Archiver is writing to disk.
Estimated remaining recording time
Number of days, hours, and minutes of recording time remaining based on the average disk usage and the current load.
Network traffic in
Incoming network traffic bit rate on this computer.
Network traffic out
Outgoing network traffic bit rate on this computer.
Archiving span
Time bracket in which video archives can be found.