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Reporting tasks are where you generate customized queries about the entities, activities, and events in your Security Center system for investigation or maintenance purposes. Most investigation and maintenance tasks are reporting tasks.

This section takes you on a tour of the reporting task layout, and describes the common elements of most reporting tasks. The Area activities task was used as an example. You can open the Area activities task by typing its name in the Search box on the home page.

A Number of results Displays the number of returned results. A warning is issued when your query returns too many rows. If this happens, adjust your query filters to reduce the number of results.
B Query filters Use the filters in the Filters tab to set up your query. Click on a filter heading to turn it on () or off. Invalid filters display as Warning or Error. Hover your mouse over the filter to view the reason it is invalid.
C Export, print, or add to dashboard Click to export your generated report, print it, or add the report to a dashboard.
D Select columns Right-click a column heading to select which columns to display in the report pane.
E Report pane View the results of your report. Drag an item from the list to a tile in the canvas, or right-click an item in the list to view more options associated with that item, if applicable (such as launching another report related that report result).
F Tile commands Commands related to canvas tiles:
Synchronize video
Synchronize the video displayed in the canvas.
Clear all
Empty all content from tiles.
Change tile pattern
Change the tile pattern in the canvas.
G Generate and save report Click to run and save the report directly to a file (PDF, CSV, or Excel format). This button is disabled if you have not selected any query filters, or when you have invalid filters.
H Generate report Click to run the report. This button is disabled if you have not selected any query filters, or when you have invalid filters. While the query is running, the button changes to Cancel. Click on Cancel to interrupt the query.
I Filters tab Use the Filters tab to customize and filter your searches. The Filters tab is only shown in reporting tasks.
NOTE: Click the Area view tab to show the area view, and select entities to view in the canvas.
J Tiles or Charts If the report supports tiles, open the chart view using the toggle button () at the top right of the task. Otherwise, open the chart view using the Charts button ().
  • If the report supports tiles: Click the Tiles button () to show the Tiles view below the report pane.
  • If the report supports charts: Click the Charts button () to show the Charts view below the report pane.